What will be the hottest topic at the 2012 AUA annual meeting?


Urologists agree that PSA screening will be the hot topic at the AUA annual meeting in Atlanta.

"The big topic will be the ongoing discussion about the usefulness of prostate cancer screening-that's probably number one.

Additional analysis performed and follow-up on some of the studies have revealed the benefits of prostate cancer screening, as opposed to what the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force initially thought. There will be ongoing dialogue in that regard.

I think the AUA is going to feel even stronger that prostate cancer screening is worthwhile with properly educated patients.

Jeffrey Gordon, MD Sellersville, PA

"There will probably be a lot of interest in the use of the PSA test following the task force's report saying PSA testing was unreliable.

But for me specifically, I do female urology, and I expect discussion over the use of mesh in pelvic surgery. I'm going, and that's what I'm interested in, so for me that's the hottest topic.

Personally, I like using mesh, so I hope enough people present adequate data showing that mesh can be used safely. There will be people criticizing the use of mesh as well, but I am hoping that there will still be a consensus that it is prudent and acceptable to use. They may say, 'Use caution,' but I think that's what people will conclude."

Brian Yamada, MD Saratoga Springs, NY

"It's going to be PSA screening because of the task force and the resulting press. That's going to be the big topic, because prostate cancer screening is still controversial.

I pretty much agree with the AUA statement released in their white paper. The task force is ignoring the 25,000 men a year who die of prostate cancer, and they're not acknowledging the decreased mortality in the last decade that resulted from PSA screening. Our guidelines, I think, are thoughtfully put together.

The task force report is not something we're unfamiliar with; it's not new. It's just that it hit the press and that's the issue. I don't expect the AUA to change its position, but I think that's what everybody's going to be talking about."

Tadd L. Selby, MD Chico, CA

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