Dr. Stratton discusses combo of avelumab and BCG in NMIBC

“BCG-unresponsive non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer is really [an] evolving space with a lot of uncertainty,” says Kelly L. Stratton, MD.

iTind preserves ejaculatory and erectile function in patients with BPH

In a study presented at the 2021 AUA annual meeting, Bilal Chughtai, MD, and co-authors implemented the new iTind system, designed to treat patients with LUTS secondary to BPH by implanting the device via a cystoscopic procedure.

Dr. Staskin discusses counseling patients on vibegron for OAB

“Patients want to see an improvement. They want a drug that obviously is efficacious and safe, where the side effects are low,” says David Staskin, MD.