Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz is Associate Editor, Contemporary OB/GYN.


Uro Pipeline: Supplemental application submitted for advanced RCC treatment

August 15, 2017

Other pipeline developments include an agent to control pain in IC/BPS patients, an antibody to treat prostate and bladder cancer, an injectable OAB treatment, and more.

New products: Holmium laser increases stone ablation volume

July 14, 2017

Other products discussed include cancer tests, an app to connect patients with specialists, a revenue management system, and more

Uro Pipeline: Phase IIb study begins for intraprostatic localized PCa drug

June 27, 2017

Other pipeline developments include a new company formed to develop OAB treatments, a phase III urothelial cancer study meeting its primary endpoint, the formation of a partnership to study RCC treatment, and more.

Uro Pipeline: FDA accepts two supplemental applications for mUC agent

April 06, 2017

Other pipeline developments include efficacy results for a bladder and prostate cancer drug, an infertility tool to predict sperm quality, the initiation of an immunotherapy combination for mUC, and more.