New Products: Neuromodulation system for OAB targets tibial nerve


Other products discussed in this roundup include a plasma vaporization device, a laser fiber safety device, and more.



Neuromodulation system for overactive bladder targets tibial nerve

Dublin-Medtronic PLC has launched the NURO System, which delivers percutaneous tibial neuromodulation (PTNM) for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB). The NURO system delivers a mild electrical pulse to the tibial nerve via a small needle that is placed in the skin near the ankle and is attached to a neurostimulator. By using neuromodulation, PTNM targets the tibial nerve and indirectly activates the central nervous system to help alleviate symptoms of OAB. The therapy is administered in physician offices during weekly 30-minute sessions over a 12-week period. Side effects associated with the NURO System include temporary mild pain or skin inflammation near the stimulation site.  

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Plasma vaporization device offers benefits in BPH, bladder Ca

Center Valley, PA-Olympus has launched the Plasma-OvalButton for urologic procedures including the treatment of bladder cancer as well as minimally invasive surgery to reduce enlarged prostate. The Plasma-OvalButton features a 25% increase in width and a 31% increase in vaporization area from Olympus’ existing vaporization device. According to lab testing, these increases have resulted in a 21% increase in tissue vaporization compared to Olympus’ existing model. Plasma vaporization therapy, a minimally invasive procedure performed in saline, provides benefits over monopolar resection that include a reduced risk of TUR syndrome, less bleeding, more precise cutting and coagulation, and shorter catheterization and procedure times, Olympus says.

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Laser fiber safety device helps prevent intraoperative fires and injuries

Cherry Hill, NJ-Patient Pocket, LLC has launched the LaserDock, a single-use, disposable surgical laser fiber safety holder designed to house and protect laser fibers during laser surgery. “Regarding laser stone surgery, there are cases in which laser fiber safety is not addressed,” according to Steven Nakada, MD, of the Laser Safety Advisory Panel and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The LaserDock has been cleared for marketing by the FDA under the 510(k) regulatory process. Used properly, it helps to prevent intraoperative fires and injuries due to accidental laser energy discharge, aiding surgeons and operating room personnel to better conform to FDA and Joint Commission standards. LaserDock can be used with holmium, GreenLight, and CO2 laser fibers.

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Three holmium lasers provide options for multiple urologic indications

San Diego-Lumenis Ltd. has launched three new holmium laser solutions for various urologic indications. The Lumenis Pulse 100H, Pulse 50H, and Pulse 30H join the Lumenis Pulse 120H platform. The wider spectrum of options provides physicians with the ability to tailor treatment specifically to their patient and surgical needs, according to Lumenis. The Lumenis Pulse 100H includes a pulse reshape function for improved hemostasis and has a wide range of urologic indications including holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) and stone dusting. The Lumenis Pulse 50H offers more than 130 different energy and frequency settings and uses a modular upgradable system. The Lumenis Pulse 30H operates with a repetition rate of 25 Hz and features energy per pulse of up to 5J.

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Redesigned surgical tools aid urethrotomy, stent removal

Lansdowne, PA-Uramix has announced the arrival of a reinvented internal urethrotome and a series of redesigned stent-removing snares. The urethrotome (above left) features no moving parts and enables surgeons to perform non-visual urethrotomy by passage over a guidewire. The instrument’s flat blade protects normal urethra by pushing it aside during passage, but cuts the scar tissue with its sharp edges. The urethrotome comes in three different sizes: 8-14F, 10-20F, and 12-26F. The new snares are designed for the removal of ureteral stents without cystoscopy. This design simplifies and minimizes the size of the original snare, Uramix says. The snares (above right) come in a 16F size for adults and a pediatric size of 8F. The original 18F size with the guidewire channel is also still available.

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