Author | Henry Rosevear, MD


How ‘elective’ surgery is defined during the COVID-19 crisis

March 30, 2020


"While I understand there may be some hesitancy from the AUA to issue plain text examples of what an elective case is given the lack of hard data to support their conclusions and that in so many situations the details of a case can vary so much patient to patient, in this less-official non-AUA-sanctioned setting, I thought a list of what seems elective and what is more urgent would be helpful," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.

COVID-19 and urology: What you can do

March 16, 2020


Henry Rosevear, MD, shares what his office is doing to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s to 15 minutes for doing things that matter

February 26, 2020


"Let’s hope that the new government changes allow those of us in the trenches of urology to spend more time with our patients so we can use our 15 minutes doing things that matter, like actually take care of our patients," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.

Recruitment challenges stem from multiple factors

January 09, 2020


"Most urology groups remain relatively small and a new partner is someone who had better be able to get along with most of your group. If you think dating is hard, finding a partner who is a good “fit” is even harder," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.