Dr. Bailey previews LUGPA session on empowering women in urology


"We're all going through the same thing, so we should not be reinventing the wheel," says Dr. Kari Bailey.

In this video, Kari Bailey, MD, previews a session from the 2023 LUGPA Annual Meeting titled, “Empowering women in urology.” Bailey is a urologist at Anne Arundel Urology in Annapolis, Maryland.

Video Transcript:

[This session] was born out of going to meetings previously and seeing a little bit of a paucity of women represented at the meeting [and] content for women in urology. We wanted to partner with one of the industry partners and develop a conversation not only between urologists, but [with] leaders in other fields about what it is to be a woman in not only urology, but in these other fields. How can we learn from each other and mentor each other? We're all going through the same thing, so we should not be reinventing the wheel.

This transcription has been edited for clarity.

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