LUGPA Annual Meeting

LUGPA president: Association will stay vocal in 2020 and beyond

November 08, 2019

As health care reform and payment policies evolve, LUGPA is ensuring that independent urologists have a strong voice in Washington and the resources they need to sustain successful practices, said Richard G. Harris, MD, LUGPA president, at the association’s 2019 annual meeting in Chicago.

Why private equity is right for some, not all, practices

November 08, 2019

Private equity firms’ acquisition of physician practices has escalated in recent years, and urology practices are currently garnering great interest due to an increased demand for services from an aging population and a low supply of urologists.

How four generations of physicians can work together

November 08, 2019

Having four generations of physicians working in the same practice is both a blessing and a significant source of complications, said Haydn Shaw, CSP, at the LUGPA annual meeting in Chicago.

Men on AS receive guideline-driven care from community practices

November 08, 2019

Independent urologists provide the same quality of care for men on active surveillance for prostate cancer as urologists in largely academic settings, compared with prior studies, according to research presented at LUGPA’s 2019 annual meeting in Chicago.

Former Gov. Bush tackles LUGPA’s questions on health care

November 08, 2019

Jeb Bush touched on a range of issues in health care and politics and shared a few personal anecdotes about his famous family with LUGPA members at the association’s annual meeting in Chicago.

Grant guides urologists on gaps in advanced PCa guidelines

November 08, 2019

A two-part grant is designed to provide guidance on gaps in existing guidelines on the management of advanced prostate cancer, Neal D. Shore, MD, reported at the LUGPA annual meeting in Chicago.

Urology groups: 340B program reform needed

October 18, 2019

A new study by the Partnership for Health Analytic Research appears to bolster arguments by independent physicians and those who operate outpatient clinics that they are at a substantial financial disadvantage against hospitals when it comes retaining profits from the administration of injectable and infused drugs.

Advocates work toward Office of Men’s Health

September 18, 2019

A renewed effort to establish a new Office of Men’s Health, which would improve coordination of initiatives throughout the federal government and improve education, awareness, and screening programs to improve men’s health, is now underway in Washington.

Urologist: Health care’s ‘corporatization’ has fueled current crisis

November 02, 2018

America is facing a health care crisis and physicians, including urologists, and the health care organizations for which they work, are an integral component of both the cause and the solution, according to Scott MacDiarmid, MD.