Final report of the OLYMPUS Jelmyto trial: Takeaways for urologists


“I think that these data firmly establish UGN-101, or Jelmyto, as a bona fide treatment option for kidney preservation for patients with low-grade, non-invasive urothelial cancer in the upper urinary tract,” says Seth P. Lerner, MD.

In this video, Seth P. Lerner, MD, gives the final results of the phase 3 OLYMPUS trial, which studied the efficacy of mitomycin-containing reverse thermal gel (UGN-101; Jelmyto) in patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma and supported the FDA approval of the treatment in this setting.

Lerner is a professor in the Scott Department of Urology and Beth and Dave Swalm Chair in urologic oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

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