IPP: Ventral phalloplasty and IPP placement

This video first demonstrates the ventral phalloplasty and then shows the placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis.


This video first demonstrates the ventral phalloplasty, used at our institution to take down the penoscrotal web and provide adequate exposure. We then proceed to demonstrate our technique used for the placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis, in this case, an AMS 700 CX MS (American Medical Systems, Minnetonka, MN). Surgical pearls for each step are provided. These two techniques are utilized in conjunction for the management of erectile dysfunction and for optimizing the cosmetic appearance of the phallus.


Dr. Brant: This video and a related video demonstrate a simple scrotoplasty developed by Dr. Carrion. Although this does not truly lengthen the penis, it gives the appearance of a more external penis. His “check mark” incision prevents a substantial dog-ear deformity in the scrotum.

James M. Hotaling, MD, MS, Section EditorDr. Hotaling is assistant professor of surgery (urology) at the

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