‘Men’s health’ more than a marketing ploy


Urology Times is committed to the men’s health trend and to helping you make the most of it, UT Group Content Director Richard R. Kerr writes.

Dick Kerr

A new emphasis on comprehensive, holistic care of men has emerged in the United States and elsewhere. As our cover article in this issue explains, urologists are helping to lead this charge.

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Why the focus on men’s health, and why in 2014? Some say the answer is marketing, which may be partly true. After all, what better way to bring men into a medical practice than to offer one-stop shopping to address their urologic, cardiac, nutritional, and even psychological needs? This is the modus operandi of newer men’s health centers.

But there’s a more important reason these centers have taken hold. As urologists well know, men are reluctant visitors to the doctor’s office. The new centers simply fill a need, not only to bring men into the office but also to provide comprehensive care centered on their health and wellness.

Often, what brings them in is a urologic condition, such as erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension often coexist. Thus, the urologist can serve as an entry point for men’s overall care-the model on which many men’s health clinics are based.

Urologists also look to benefit. While some experts see a future for urologists as narrowly focused proceduralists, a more comprehensive, coordinated approach to male health could help reverse this fortune.

Urology Times is committed to the men’s health trend and to helping you make the most of it. For starters, we have launched two new sections: #LetsTalkMensHealth, which features physician-authored, evidence-based articles on urologic and non-urologic conditions facing men; and ‘Y’tube, which covers surgical aspects of men’s health issues in a unique, video-based format. I am very pleased to introduce Steven A. Kaplan, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical Center, and James M. Hotaling, MD, MD, of the University of Utah, as the editorial leaders of  #LetsTalkMensHealth and ‘Y’tube, respectively.

Going forward, look for additional content about the care of male patients, especially on our soon-to-be-redesigned website. You’ll find articles and more that “bust myths” about men’s medical issues, discuss holistic therapies in men’s health, explain how urology and primary care can work together in this endeavor, and much more.

At times, our new content will challenge you to think “beyond the pelvis.” Whether you are considering a dedicated men’s health center (our research shows half of you are) or simply want to improve the care you give your male patients, our goal is to provide the practical information and perspective you need to succeed.UT

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