Midlantic Urology’s Dr. Dean Laganosky is first US urologist to implant FDA-approved balloon spacer for prostate cancer

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“This next-generation rectal spacing option is the first of its kind...and has the potential to provide an enhanced degree of protection from the genitourinary and rectal effects of prostate cancer radiation therapy,” said Dr. Laganosky.

MidLantic Urology’s Dr. Dean Laganosky is the first U.S. urologist to implant in prostate cancer patients the BioProtect Balloon Implant System, a game-changing technology newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that substantially enhances safety for men undergoing radiation therapy.

The first prostate cancer patient under the care of Dr. Laganosky to benefit from the new rectal spacer received the biodegradable balloon implant on November 9. The office-based procedure took place at MidLantic Urology’s Advanced Radiation Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

The FDA cleared BioProtect’s balloon spacer in August of this year. The first prostate cancer patient implantations of the balloon spacer following FDA approval were done in New York in October. A radiation oncologist, Dr. Shawn H. Zimberg, National Director of Radiation Oncology for Solaris Health, did those implants. Solaris Health is the nation’s largest urological healthcare management company. MidLantic Urology is a Solaris Health affiliate.

“This next-generation rectal spacing option is the first of its kind for Philadelphia-area men and has the potential to provide an enhanced degree of protection from the genitourinary and rectal effects of prostate cancer radiation therapy,” Dr. Laganosky said.

The prostate and rectum are separated by mere millimeters, so the rectum is at risk for collateral damage during radiation therapy that could lead to serious side effects. The only prior solution to decrease radiation exposure to the rectum during prostate cancer radiation was to inject a synthetic gel-like material to create a “space” to separate the prostate and rectum. Now, rather than a gel, BioProtect’s pre-formed saline-filled balloon can create nearly double the protective space between the prostate and rectum during radiation therapy.

The new balloon spacer is a pre-defined shape, creating a symmetric and reproducible space, which is not always achievable with gel spacers. In addition, the balloon spacer fully dissolves within six months, much faster than the currently available gel-based spacers.

BioProtect CEO Itay Barnea commended Dr. Laganosky for his leadership in adopting and implementing the advanced rectal spacing technology. “Our common goal with Dr. Laganosky and MidLantic Urology is to improve the care, outcomes and quality of life of patients,” he said.

There are 288,300 new cases of prostate cancer a year in the United States and 34,700 deaths from prostate cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind lung cancer. The men who are initial recipients of the BioProtect Balloon Spacer have non-metastatic and potentially curable prostate cancers.

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