Patient removal of ureteral stent with extraction string is safe and economical


“Going into this study, we thought that potentially patients who had a stent placed with the string left in place were at higher risk of having a complication…But we found that they weren't at higher risk of a complication,” says Amy E. Krambeck, MD.

In this video, Sirikan Rojanasarot, PhD, and Amy E. Krambeck, MD, share additional information regarding the recent Urology Practice study, “The Economic Burden of Cystoscopy-Based Ureteral Stent Removal in the United States: An Analysis of Nearly 30,000 Patients.” Rojanasarot is a principal health economist at Boston Scientific, and Krambeck is a professor of urology at Northwestern Urology Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

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