September 2014 New Urology Products: iPad app works with genomic test to plot post-prostatectomy care

Other products featured include a testosterone gel, exercise program to strengthen male pelvic muscles, and a book about prostate cancer diagnosis and management.

iPad app works with genomic test to plot post-prostatectomy care

Austin, TX-The Decipher Portal Professional iPad app is designed to educate physicians on the optimal post-prostatectomy course of action for individual prostate cancer patients. Developed by Visible Health and launched by GenomeDx Biosciences, the app works in tandem with GenomeDx’s Decipher genomic test that uses the expression of 22 RNA biomarkers to calculate the probability of metastasis within 5 years of prostatectomy. A recent study showed 31% of treatment recommendations changed with knowledge of genomic classifiers.

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Generic version of testosterone gel launched under new partnership

Chesterbrook, PA-Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has partnered with Prasco, LLC to introduce an authorized generic version of Testim (testosterone gel). Testim and its authorized generic version are testosterone gels approved by the FDA for the treatment of adult males with low or no testosterone. Auxilium will maintain responsibility for the manufacture of Testim and the generic gel, as well as for the distribution of branded Testim. Prasco has begun shipping the product.

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FDA-registered exercise program strengthens male pelvic muscles

Chevy Chase, MD-Private Gym is the first FDA-registered exercise program that strengthens the pelvic muscles, according to the Private Gym, LLC. The company says that by using the program less than 10 minutes a day for 3 days a week, men can strengthen their pelvic muscles. The Private Gym complete training program comes with an interactive, 8-week DVD exercise program, a step-by-step instructional guide, FDA-registered resistance training equipment, magnetic weight, and carrying case.

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Prostate Ca book offers up-to-date info on diagnosis, management

Hoboken, NJ-The book Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Clinical Management” provides urologists and oncologists with up-to-date, evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis, treatment, and clinical management of the disease, according to publisher Wiley-Blackwell. Topics covered include what must be considered when counseling newly diagnosed patients, radical surgery options, novel therapies for localized prostate cancer, and how metastatic disease should be diagnosed and managed.

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