Study compares outcomes for single-port vs multiport partial nephrectomy


"Our research focused on the outcomes at 6 months, [and we] were looking at disease recurrence and hernia occurrence," says Jennifer Nguyen.

In this video, Jennifer Nguyen, a medical student at Hackensack University Medical Center, discusses the background and findings from the study, “Single-port vs. Multiport Partial Nephrectomy: 6-Month Intermediate Outcomes.” The results were presented at the 2023 American Urological Association Annual Meeting, which was held in Chicago, Illinois.

Video Transcript:

Could you describe the background of this study?

So, there is a lot of data on multiport robotic assisted partial nephrectomy already. The single port was introduced recently. Our institution just got our hands on the single port in 2019. So, that's where the study comes from, trying to look at the outcomes between the multiport and single port.

What were some of the notable findings?

So, our research focused on the outcomes at 6 months. So, we're looking at disease recurrence and hernia occurrence. We found that they were similar to the multiport. I don't think that's surprising for us, because our institution just completed their 1000th single port surgery, so we have a lot of experience. We're happy to see that the outcomes are similar to the multiport.

This transcription has been edited for clarity.

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