Top 10 most-read urology articles of 2013

The top 10 Urology Times articles of 2013 encompass topics including prostate biopsy, the urology work force, and PSA screening.

Here are the top 10 Urology Times articles from 2013.


Optimal prostate biopsy becoming clearer

In this interview, Dr. Samir S. Taneja discusses the AUA's recommendations on the optimal method to perform a prostate biopsy and handle specimens as well as how to minimize infection and the role of imaging.


Age, gender, and the urology work force

Recent studies examining the broad impact of the aging population suggest an increasing demand on the overall urology work force, which, when coupled with a changing work force demographic, predicts a significant shortage that is only likely to worsen.


Non-physician providers: Allied or disparate?

The urology work force shortage has created a demand for non-physician providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, but the scope of what these allied health professionals can do remains a matter of debate.


How bundling could change how you’re paid

The bundled payment model for episodes of care has already made inroads in some surgical specialties, and it may very well apply to inpatient urologic procedures as well.


AUA: Five tests, treatments may be unneeded

The AUA has released a list of specific tests or procedures that are commonly ordered but not always necessary in urology.


CPPS patients prone to fibromyalgia, fatigue

The likelihood of developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome increases over time in patients with urologic chronic pelvic pain syndromes, but only men seem to experience worsening of their urologic symptoms the longer the symptoms exist, researchers reported.


ACP takes new stance on PCa screening

The American College of Physicians, which had not weighed in on prostate cancer screening in more than 10 years, took a new stance on the controversial topic in 2013.


AUA guide tailors approach to PCa screening

The AUA has released a PSA-focused, evidence-based guideline on early detection of prostate cancer that is intended to assist the urologist in advising an average-risk, asymptomatic man about prostate cancer screening, said H. Ballentine Carter, MD.


Study confirms herb, upper tract Ca link

Using genomic sequencing, researchers have confirmed a link between a plant compound contained in common herbal remedies and upper urinary tract cancer.


The switch to ICD-10: Are you ready?

The transition to ICD-10 is not just another thing on urologists’ plates. It’s the main course, and time to prepare for the change is running short.UT

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