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Top 5 blog posts by Dr. Henry Rosevear


Blog posts from Henry Rosevear, MD, continue to be among Urology Times’ most popular content online. A urologist in community practice in Colorado Springs, CO and member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, Dr. Rosevear was recognized in 2016 by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors with a “Gold” award for best blog. Here were his most-read posts of 2016:      

AUA 2016: Reflections on mentors, MRI fusion, and more

Dr. Rosevear’s takeaways from the 2016 annual meeting also included observations regarding PSA screening, urethral mesh sling, and more. Read more

An insurer’s $4.07 check: A sign of the times

For managing a patient with an obstructing stone, Dr. Rosevear’s group billed $1,332.25 for his services. The check from the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP), the patient’s insurer, was for $4.07. “A single-payer system (such as CICP) is nothing more than nationalization of health care providers’ time, effort, and skills,” he writes. Read more

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Marijuana and me: One urologist’s experience

Dr. Rosevear practices medicine in Colorado, where the state’s ongoing experiment with legal recreational marijuana has provided him a significant amount of professional experience with the drug. Its impact on urology is wide ranging, he says, affecting areas as diverse as fertility and anesthesia. Read more

The transgender community: Urology has a role and responsibility

"The fear of a hypothetical situation should not be used to place restrictions on the life of one of our transgender patients," writes Dr. Rosevear in this post, which generate several comments from readers. Read more

VA Choice: Not what the doctor ordered

Dr. Rosevear explains why his practice no longer participates in Veterans Choice-and what can be done to improve the program. Read more

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