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Top 5 Dr. Rosevear blogs of 2017


Dr. Henry Rosevear's most-read blog posts from 2017 cover topics including the AUA annual meeting, physician employment, and pain control.

Colorado urologist Henry Rosevear, MD’s blog posts remain popular with readers, and with his thoughtful, down-to-earth style of pondering and analyzing topics of interest to the practicing urologist, it’s not hard to see why. His writing also encompasses a broad range of topics, as our look at his most well-read posts from 2017 demonstrates. Here are the top five blog posts from Dr. Rosevear this year.

Burnout, biopsy, BPH, and more: Post-AUA review

Dr. Rosevear’s personal highlights from the 2017 AUA annual meeting also included a course on chemotherapy and immunotherapy as well as new guideline presentations. Read more

Do you own an S corp? Why I made the switch

Dr. Rosevear discusses the pros and cons of S corporations and explains why he decided to create one. Read more

Physician employment: Both good and bad results

The trend toward hospitals directly employing urologists to do private practice urology raises a few important questions worth exploring, writes Dr. Rosevear. Read more

The ‘post-truth’ world: How it’s drifting into medicine

"I feel that I spend more time in clinic trying to educate my patients on the misinformation they see on TV or in print than I do actually practicing medicine," laments Dr. Rosevear. Read more

Pain control: Let’s rethink our prescribing habits

In this blog post, Dr. Rosevear apologizes to those he may have hurt with prescriptions he wrote for narcotics to control pain and describes the two-step process he uses for pain control. Read more

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