Hayley Virgil


Combination sacituzumab govitecan/pembrolizumab shows efficacy and safety in metastatic urothelial cancer

February 19, 2022

“These data support further evaluation of antibody-drug conjugate/checkpoint inhibitor combination [therapy] in metastatic urothelial cancer in the platinum-refractory setting and probably in earlier lines of therapy in a different patient population,” says Petros Grivas, MD, PhD.

Oral immune activator BXCL701 advances in pipeline for neuroendocrine prostate cancer

November 02, 2021

A phase 2a efficacy analysis has been launched exploring the combination of the novel oral immune activator BXCL701 and pembrolizumab in prostate cancer patients with de novo or treatment-emergent small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma.

Final FDA blueprint available for MFS end point in nonmetastatic CRPC trials

August 13, 2021

The FDA has officially released its finalized recommendation for the use of metastases-free survival as an end point in clinical trials evaluating treatments for patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.