Vol 50 No 11

How to get reimbursed for multiplex PCR urine cultures

November 08, 2022

"Although Medicare has developed previous coverage directives for several types of PCR tests outside of UTI detection and there are sound arguments for the use of PCR tests in detecting UTIs, Medicare only recently published a local coverage determination that included the use of PCR tests for UTI detection," write Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, and Mark Painter.

Male sexual health and reproductive medicine: All that glitters is not gold

September 19, 2022

"With the average cost of treatment ranging from $2600 to $3900 per cycle, clinics offering radial wave therapy have an obvious financial incentive to continue marketing despite the lack of evidence of its effectiveness," write Navid Leelani, DO, and Scott D. Lundy, MD, PhD.

Researchers interview transgender and gender expansive individuals regarding genitourinary health issues

August 26, 2022

"Our goal is to understand the lived experiences of people on gender-affirming hormonal therapy, as it relates to their urinary and sexual health,” said first author Paige De Rosa, MD, urology resident at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.