Bladder cancer screening programs launched in several U.S. communities

Matritech has launched a series of local programs to screen high-risk individuals for bladder cancer.

A series of grassroots programs to screen high-risk individuals for bladder cancer has been launched across the United States. Physicians in communities in Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Rhode Island are offering screening using Matritech’s NMP22 BladderChek test.

Screenings began last month in Texas and are planned this month in Colorado and Wisconsin. Screening programs for firefighters, who have an increased risk of bladder cancer death, are scheduled this year in communities in California and Rhode Island.

Recommendations supporting the screening of high-risk groups for bladder cancer were recently reported in Cancer (2006; 107:982-90). Researchers found that screening high-risk populations appears to save lives and reduce medical expenses (also see, “Bladder cancer screening appears to save lives, money,” Urology Times, September 2006, page 25).