Expert Forum: Prostate Cancer Survivorship - Episode 7

Expert forum on prostate cancer survivorship: Individualized care

“We certainly need to move away from a model of care that is follow up driven by tumor markers or imaging alone,” says Netty Kinsella, RN, MSc, PhD.

In this video, Netty Kinsella, RN, MSc, PhD, and Jai Seth, MD, BSc, MSc, discuss the importance of individualized care in prostate cancer survivorship. This discussion is part of a larger forum on prostate cancer survivorship with Marta Skrodzka, MD, PhD, FEBU, FECSM, FEAA. Skrodzka is a consultant urologist and Seth is a urology consultant at St George’s University Hospital, and Kinsella is a uro-oncology nurse consultant at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, United Kingdom.