New ultrasound imaging technology for robotic surgery debuts

BK Medical is showcasing what it?s calling the industry?s first complete ultrasound imaging solution for robot-assisted surgery at this week?s AUA annual meeting.

BK Medical is showcasing what it’s calling the industry’s first complete ultrasound imaging solution for robot-assisted surgery at this week’s AUA annual meeting.

The new Advanced Robotic Ultrasound Technology (ART) includes the Flex Focus 700 Ultrasound System, specialized transducers, and tools designed specifically for robotic surgery. The premium-performance ultrasound solution may benefit surgeons performing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy and robot-assisted partial nephrectomy, according to BK Medical.

The ART includes the Flex Focus 700, the 3DART high-resolution endocavity transducer (8838), the RST Robotic Stationary Transducer Arm for securing the endocavity transducer during procedures, and the first dedicated robotic transducer, ProART.

The 3DART endocavity transducer is small in diameter, offering minimal patient discomfort with no moving parts touching the patient. The resulting 3D data cube can be manipulated to assess anatomy and geometry of the prostate prior to surgery for planning purposes, BK Medical said in a statement. The ProART robotic transducer is a curved linear array that images from 12-5 MHz with 2D, color and spectral Doppler, and it can easily fit into a standard trocar.

The ART’s foundation, the Flex Focus 700, provides a small, sturdy frame that is completely mobile. The system comes with a sensitive touch screen and a remote control that provides the surgeon control of the ultrasound system from the surgical console.

The ART is on display at the BK Medical booth, #2617.