Top 10 malpractice stories in 2022


As the year comes to a close, we revisit some of this year’s top content on malpractice in urology.

There’s been an abundance of news surrounding malpractice in urology. To wrap up the year, Urology Times® is counting down the top pieces of content on urologic malpractice in 2022.

10. Good records can save you in a malpractice suit

Amanda Wager, Esq, explained how complete, clear documentation bolsters your credibility. Read more.

9. Malpractice Consult: Affidavits of merit and why they matter

“To reduce the number of medical malpractice lawsuits, more than half of US states have enacted laws that require a plaintiff to file an affidavit of merit, sometimes called a certificate of merit, showing a claim’s validity before the case can move forward,” wrote Amanda Wager, Esq. Read more.

8. Malpractice Consult: Delays in charting can lead to lawsuits, financial consequences

“Although chart completion may seem like a chore that can be put off until later, this decision can backfire," cautioned Kenton H. Steele, Esq. Read more.

7. Lawsuit alleges urethral injury following ED visit

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant negligently failed to order urology consult. Read more.

6. You’ve received a subpoena: What should you do?

“Although being on the receiving end of a legal document stating that “you are hereby commanded” to respond in one form or another can be intimidating, knowing how to handle a subpoena response can alleviate some anxiety associated with being compelled to become involved in a legal proceeding,” wrote Kenton H. Steele, Esq. Read more.

5. The role of mediation in medical malpractice litigation

This process is one of the most common methods of resolving medical negligence cases. Read more.

4. What makes a good expert witness in a malpractice case?

Acacia Brush Perko, Esq, and Kenton H. Steele, Esq, discussed the qualities that distinguish a good expert witness from a bad witness. Watch now.

3. What physicians should know about apologizing to patients

Apology laws limit the admissibility of apologetic statements. Read more.

2. Man sues after delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer

The insurance company contributed to settlement without insured’s consent. Read more.

1. Patient alleged doctor removed wrong testicle during surgery

An expert stated that less-invasive options should have been considered. Read more.

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Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS, FACS, FPMRS, answers a question during a Zoom video interview
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Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS, FACS, FPMRS, answers a question during a Zoom video interview
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