Ureteroscopy Tech & Devices

Pain interference more pronounced following URS

March 11, 2020

Findings from a longitudinal cohort study provide an evidence base for counseling patients about pain and recovery following ureteroscopy for nephrolithiasis.

Can I charge for different stone procedures in the same kidney?

October 25, 2019

Documentation must support performance of ‘unusual services,’ according to Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter.

ER visit rates higher when sheath used during URS

October 22, 2019

A study presented at the AUA annual meeting in Chicago shows higher rates of emergency department (ED) visits when ureteral access sheaths are used during ureteroscopy to remove kidney stones.

Percutaneous access: Principles and best practices

July 09, 2019

In this interview, Bodo Knudsen, MD, outlines his step-by-process for obtaining percutaneous access, discusses the ways he reduces radiation exposure during percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and gives his thoughts on how clinicians can gain proficiency with access.

Holmium, thulium lasers show similar ablative effect on stones

July 09, 2019

The high-power holmium laser with Moses technology (Lumenis Moses Pulse 120H) and the super-pulse thulium fiber laser (SPTF) have a similar ablative effect when operated at the same power, but when evaluated at maximal dusting settings, the SPTF laser seems to hold an advantage for greater efficiency, according to research reported at the AUA annual meeting in Chicago.

Emergent setting linked to lost follow-up for stents

May 08, 2019

Patients with ureteral stents are rarely lost to follow-up, but the risk is increased when patients are stented in an emergent setting rather than as part of an elective procedure, Yale University urologists reported at the 2018 World Congress of Endourology in Paris.  

Age a predictor of filling opiate prescriptions post-URS

March 29, 2019

A study examining opiate use after ureteroscopy found that younger age and greater number of preoperative opiate prescriptions were associated with the filling of additional opiate prescriptions.

Ureteral access sheaths: Tips on when and how to use

January 13, 2019

In this interview, Andrew Portis, MD, discusses his experience with ureteral access sheaths and describes an algorithm for their selection and use. 

The imaging gap in stone disease: Whose fault is it?

July 20, 2018

"We must better identify patients with higher risk factors for recurrence and follow them more effectively," writes Stephen Y. Nakada, MD.

‘Imaging gap’ seen in post-URS patients

July 20, 2018

Many urologists don't follow guidelines calling on them to image their patients after ureteroscopic stone disease treatment, researchers say.