Vol. 46 No. 10

PSA isoform assay predicts high-grade PCa

November 06, 2018

Results of a prospective, multicenter study validate the clinical performance of a PSA isoform assay (IsoPSA) for predicting high-grade prostate cancer, Eric A. Klein, MD, reported at the AUA annual meeting in San Francisco.

CIC-associated bacteriuria: When to treat-and not treat

November 06, 2018

Bacteriuria in patients using clean intermittent catheterization is a significant problem that can lead to overuse of antibiotics. J. Quentin Clemens, MD, of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, discusses when to treat and when not to treat these patients.

Delayed abscess Dx results in paralysis

November 05, 2018

"The factual question presented to the jury was whether the ER doctor breached the standard of care and whether that breach proximately caused the plaintiff’s injury," writes Acacia Brush Perko, Esq.

AUA, AACU back Good Samaritan legislation

October 01, 2018

Organizations representing urologists are urging Congress to enact protections from medical liability lawsuits for medical professionals who volunteer during emergencies, such as natural disasters or other large-scale crises.