Author | Acacia Brush Perko, Esq.


Urethra nicked during excision procedure

June 11, 2020


A urologist should have been consulted, an expert for the plaintiff said.

Man sues over outcomes from microwave device

April 09, 2020


"The urologist contended that, at all times, he was willing to undergo any training program that the manufacturer or distributor recommended and that he used the microwave device at all times exactly as instructed by the proctor and by the literature given to him," writes Acacia Brush Perko, Esq.

Lack of emergent VCUG leads to costly settlement

January 24, 2020


"Following an adverse liability verdict, this defendant urologist did not also want the jury deciding damages," writes Acacia Brush Perko, Esq.

Is clinician at fault for vesicovaginal fistula?

November 27, 2019


"Most people do not wish for their actions to be judged in hindsight; rather, if we are going to be judged, we want to be judged based on what we knew at the time," writes Acacia Brush Perko, Esq.