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Woman doctor doing medical billing at computer | Image Credit: © Andrey Popov -
Reporting use of ureter access sheath with suction component

July 5th 2024

"Based on your question, C9761 would not be appropriate for using the access sheath," write Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, and Mark Painter.

Blur image of hospital corridor | Image Credit: © whyframeshot -
Urologists prefer reusable cystoscopes to disposable cystoscopes

June 27th 2024

US Capitol building | Image Credit: © Sagittarius Pro -
Congress to again consider prior authorization reform legislation

June 21st 2024

Closeup financial chart | Image Credit: © iamchamp -
Money Matters: Smart investing when markets approach record highs

June 19th 2024

Blur image of hospital corridor | Image Credit: © zephyr_p -
Billing for robotic nephroureterectomy with bladder cuff

June 9th 2024

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