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Doctor consulting patient | Image Credit: © Liudmila Dutko - stock.adobe.com
Dr. Goudelocke outlines stand-up urgency in patients with OAB

April 18th 2024

"There are plenty of articles written about stress-induced urgency. I, at the time, only found 1 article written in the gynecologic literature about what they called stand-up urgency," according to Colin Goudelocke, MD.

Blur image of hospital corridor | Image Credit: © zephyr_p - stock.adobe.com
Why sacral evoked responses could help in evaluating SNM response

April 9th 2024

Shot of a doctor showing a patient some information on a digital tablet | Image Credit: © bongkarn - stock.adobe.com
Dr. Goudelocke discusses Vivally System for overactive bladder

April 6th 2024

Woman talking with doctor | Image Credit: © rocketclips - stock.adobe.com
Multicomponent intervention linked with improved QOL in patients with OAB

March 27th 2024

Female doctor talking with female patient | Image Credit: © Liudmila Dutko - stock.adobe.com
Urobiome community type linked with more severe incontinence episodes

March 26th 2024

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