RP leads to better survival vs radiation from time of metastasis

May 13, 2020

Compared with local radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy as primary treatment for prostate cancer may result in a lower risk of castration-resistant disease and superior overall survival from the time of metastasis.

UTUC agent linked to high rate of disease eradication

May 05, 2019

“UGN-101… has the potential to change practice for patients with low-grade renal pelvis cancer,” says researcher John L. Gore, MD.

OAB device produces durable efficacy at 12 months

May 05, 2019

Researchers found that 30 of 46 study participants (65%) experienced more than a 50% improvement in urgency urinary incontinence with the nickel-sized device.

Laser lithotripsy: Is there a saturation point for frequency?

May 04, 2019

Increasing the frequency setting on a holmium:YAG laser increases stone fragmentation, but determining the saturation point at which efficiency plateaus requires further study.

Post-procedure opioid Rx may be unnecessary

May 04, 2019

The majority of medication prescribed to patients undergoing outpatient urologic procedures goes unused, prospective data reveal.

What drives costs of prostate cancer care?

May 03, 2019

An analysis of Medicare expenditures in the first year after a diagnosis of prostate cancer shows that 5% of patients account for almost 25% of the total spending.

Enzalutamide vs. abiraterone: Survival, care costs compared

May 03, 2019

The use of enzalutamide (XTANDI) and abiraterone acetate (ZYTIGA) show differences in overall survival and health care costs when used to treat chemotherapy-naïve metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

Dr. Nitti: 32 new courses on tap at AUA 2019

May 01, 2019

With the AUA annual meeting quickly approaching, Victor W. Nitti, MD, chair of the AUA Office of Education, provides a snapshot of new course offerings and other AUA educational opportunities.

AUA 2019: Experts outline the must-see presentations in Chicago

April 19, 2019

In advance of this year’s AUA annual meeting, Urology Times asked members of our editorial board to choose the top presentations in their subspecialty.

Can nurse practitioners see Medicare patients on their own?

March 27, 2019

Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter also answer coding questions regarding vasectomy and code 50543.